Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a new year, what what?!

i have SO many projects in the works right now. it's a little ridiculous. we have:
- a cardigan for me
- a baby cardigan
- one sock done, one sock needing to start
- a very fuzzy brown scarf
- a red leafy wrap

okay, i THINK that's it. i guess that's not so bad? that's not figuring in the projects that are more or less forgotten from a year or more ago. yikes.

i have finished two things that i love, though. so here you go: photo time. first, pioneer sweater in elsebeth lavold's silky tweed.
100208. pioneer sweater.

i did some increasing ribbing on the edges in an attempt to make it slightly more fitted. don't know how much i succeeded at that.
100208. pioneer sweater. it's hard to take photos of dark purple.

then last week i got super sick and decided to knit a freaking sweater. it took me about four days - that's how sick i was. i had in my mind a picture of the sweaters i wore as a kid at my grandparents cabin on lake despair in canada. you could only reach it by boat, and even in the summer, the cool nights required a good old fashioned camp sweater. i used the duchess raglan pattern for the body, but then pretty much did my own thing to make the sleeves extra long and fitted. i also ended up having to decrease the front and back every other row instead of every 4th row with the sleeves in order to get the top to fit correctly. oh, and i made it extra long, too - it ain't a camp sweater if it's too damn short. i pretty much love it.
100218. get sick, knit a freaking sweater.

me feeling ill.
100218. get sick, knit a freaking sweater.

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