Friday, July 17, 2009

self-portrait roundup...

yes, i have still been doing my weekly self-portraits (more or less weekly, that is). i've just been absolutely horrendous at posting them, apparently. so here's the roundup - from the last time i posted one until now.

ready. set. go!
5.29.09. on the steps of the school across the street from my house, which will soon be torn down to make way for a parking lot for the new, much less interesting looking (but likely nicer) school.
090529. self portrait day. taking a break.

6.3.09. i fully maintain that everyone should own at least three pairs of brightly colored tights. at LEAST.
090603. self portrait day. go ahead and jump.

6.11.09. my new ruffly-butted swimsuit.
090611. self-portrait day in my new ruffly-butted swimsuit.

6.21.09. what way too much heat and no a/c looks like.
090621. self-portrait day. what too much heat/no a/c looks like.

6.26.09. nighttime pony races at churchill downs!
090626. self-portrait day! me and rob looking spooooky.

7.2.09. spinning with sparklers on kirkwood ave.
090702. self-portrait thursday. spinning.

7.11.09. and, even though this was in my last post, it was also my self-portrait for the week. me (30) in my house and me (4) at the lincoln park conservatory.
090711. proving yet again that i've had the same haircut since i was 4. rock what you know!

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