Monday, July 13, 2009

baby boy benjamin goodies...

my good friend, jes, in san diego sent me a lovely care package a few months ago, which included luscious, beautiful moda dea tweedle dee yarn in a lovely blue-purple combination. i had to figure out what the heck to do with it, of course. i had made the munchkin (aka the nephew, aka little benjamin, aka jammin) a hooded summery blanket out of cotton yarn, so i decided he would of course need a winter blanket soon enough in the great pacific northwest. i searched through an ancient knitting book my grandmother gave me years ago. it is chock full of nearly every stitch pattern you could ever want. i decided on something simple that would look nice from either side of the blanket ("striped fagoting" was the winner). next, off to the LYS for two matching shades in nice lamb's pride bulky, and i kicked off the knitting.

we have a blankie, my friends. a nice, wooly, bulky throw that i think will work wonderfully tucked in around a carseat or laid out on the floor for the wee one to practice his rolling skills. we have side one:
090711. baby boy blue blankie.

and side two:
090711. baby boy benjamin blanket.

well, as always happens, you've either got plenty of yarn leftover or just barely not enough. this time, we had quite a bit extra. what next? baby sweater! i followed the mossy jacket pattern because, well, it looked like a quick, easy knit and i had never tried it before. i'm pleased!
090713. baby sweater.

in other news, i have managed to restore my hair to its four-year old status. rock what you know.
090711. proving yet again that i've had the same haircut since i was 4. rock what you know!

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