Thursday, May 14, 2009

see you later, twenties...

i am told everything gets better when you turn 30. that you breathe a deep sigh of relief. that all the waiting and the crap of the twenties just kind of... flits away. that it's a weight off of your shoulders.

29 was tumultuous, but all in all, very, very good. i left for europe the day after i turned 29 on a solo trek from barcelona to paris to venice to rome. it may be the most amazing thing i have ever done. i lost a tooth and got three new ones. i got settled into a new job, which i still love. i had heartbreak, i had manic-crazy times, i knitted a lot and pet my cat and made new friends. as i said, overall, very, very good.

so i give you the last weekly self-portrait of my twenties. i look painfully serious, but i promise i'm not. on saturday, i leave for a friend's wedding in philadelphia. i have printed out maps to get to various yarn shops in philly, i have maps from hotel to liberty bell to south street, i have a "map" of nyc, which is really just a drawing of various stops i have to make, including the best bagel in the world. i have a charmed life some days.
090514. self-portrait day.

i also have a motorcycle and an ailing houseplant on my back porch.
090514. my back porch. i bought a motorcycle! no, not really.


kat said...

happy birthday! i'm getting ready to enter the next era, 40...i feel like i should act more like an adult. ;) how boring though! enjoy your day and your travels!

famousthecat said...

thank you, love! happy almost birthday to you, too! i'm not really big on birthdays (or, rather, MY birthday), thus the constant hightailing it out of town around this time of year. but, yeah... i'm cool with turning 30. :)