Saturday, May 9, 2009

a prolific knitter...

i have been going nutso with the knitting lately. seriously, i don't know what my deal is or how i've been putting stuff together so darn fast - but things seem to be flying off the needles.

case in point: i started the great gatsby dress from interweave knits' latest issue. i'd been dreaming of the perfect knit dress for a while. then i check my mailbox and, voila! there it is, staring me in the face. i started this on may 3.

on may 6, we were looking at this for the back:
090506. great gatsby dress in the works.

by yesterday, may 8? the back is done! (also, kitty cameo appearance as he tried to bat at all the hanging threads).
090508. great gatsby dress - the back.

i really can't wait to wear this! i'm halfway there. oh, and i'm using knitpicks cotlin for it - the gauge is a bit off, but i think as long as i'm careful around the top portion, we'll be just fine. i'm knitting the smallest size, and so far, it's just going to be a bit longer than the pictured dress. just fine by me - so far, it's pretty much perfect.
090508. great gatsby dress.

i also finished another shawl collar baby sweater, this time knit up in three different yarns (hello, stash busting!). the red buttons make me inexpressibly happy.
090503. forest baby shawl sweater.

finally, self-portrait day! my birthday is coming up. my mom sent me a check for 100 bones (which i promptly used to buy yarn online - free money, free yarn!) and THE FIRST TWO DIE HARDS! i love my silly action movies, and i love my mom.
090508. self-portrait day. this is how much my mom loves me. i'm now the die hardiest.

speaking of how much i love my mom, i painted this for her for mother's day. now, i am not a painter. not at all. i paint like i draw, basically. so yeah, it looks a little like something an eight-year old would paint. i still love it, though. it was based off of a photo they took in the greek islands when they were there for my cousin's wedding a few years ago. "my uncle, ulysses athanassiadis, skin dives for octopi in the mediterranean" is possibly my favorite sentence ever uttered. and it's true - he does.
090505. sparky paints a painting.

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