Saturday, April 18, 2009

works in progress... always a work in progress...

tonight. tonight was a good night. me and one of my favorite people tried to make temporary tattoos of yoshitomo nara pictures, and it failed miserably. that was sad - i was so excited for my yoshitomo nara tattoos! c'est la vie. they smeared all over and still aren't "setting" four hours later. whatever, temporary tattoos. you suck.

but then we went to an art show, and i was thoroughly excited by kevin's paintings. thomas and i discussed buying the one that cost, oh, $2,300 and sharing it - just toting it between houses every month or so. just beautiful - just a picture of a guy sitting in his living room with his foot up on the top of a little television, but oh. so nice.

then we got dinner, because, lordy, hunger to the nth degree. then to a show at the video saloon. sadly, i just was not feeling social. it was one of those evenings where you end up seeing all sorts of people and being glad to see them, but not really feeling like interacting. you know? which is difficult in a noisy bar.

self portrait day today: outside the indiana university art museum, reflected.
090417. self portrait day.

and works in progress. i decided to try my hand at recycling yarn. my goodness, what a pain in the ass it is to unravel a sweater! however, i did get a lot of nice, ivory colored cotton yarn from a massive men's sweater for $1.50. i'm making myself a cabley dress, darnit!
090417. sweater dress from recycled yarn. in the works.

and this is a long overdue selbu modern hat for a dear friend. i fear the purple and aqua parts are going to be too subtle.
090417. the "i'm sorry" hat in the works.

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