Saturday, April 4, 2009

everything's coming up christie...

life is a-ok today. i slept in, drank some coffee, then ran out to try to find a dress suitable for both rock and roll prom and kim's wedding in philadelphia in a little over a month. i started with the vintage stores... definitely no luck whatsoever there. i found myself dreaming of the vintage store in louisville over by lynn's paradise cafe (matador omelette FTW!), wishing i could swing in there and just KNOWING they had The Perfect Dress waiting for me. c'est la vie. then i ended up in the store with the amazing shoe selection and the cute/artsy/hideous/expensive clothing selection. i found an amazing silk tank dress that was just, well, amazing. fanastacular, one might even say. but $260? yeah, right. instead, i found this little number, which i think i will get a lot of wear out of. innit cute? now to find some heavy opaque tights and a wedding-appropriate sweater of some sort. it's a little short, but i love it anyway. also? it has pockets. i'm a sucker for a dress with pockets.
090403. dress for kim's wedding.

all right, all right already. on to the knitting. i finished two projects recently, and i love them both for different reasons. first, we have a baby sweater for kerry's little man, knit up with leftover blue cascade 220 wool. i love, i love.
090403. baby sweater for kerry's little man.

i just love the colors. so vibrant. and check out my new terrarium. thus far, it only has two plants in it. i'm going to fill it up with succulents and bug eating plants and such.
090403. baby sweater and terrarium.

next we have a tank top. that's right, i knit myself a tank top! i love the front...
090403. oh, hi, new tank top!

the back? a little wonky, but it does show off my favorite tattoo rather nicely. i'm going to have to figure something out with the back/straps. buttons? ribbon? a big old bow hanging over the whole mess? we shall see.
090403. the back is a little wonky, though.

it also might need some *ahem* lining of some sort.
090403. blue like the ocean, like your eyes.

finally self-portrait day, back to thursday, 4/2/09. all day, i dreamed of being in my bunny slippers. and then i got home, and i was in them. it was like magic.
090403. self portrait day.


Whitney said...

I LOVE that baby sweater, great color choices! And your tank is so cute! You could always wear racer back bra, it looks like that would be hidden the way the back is shaped. Also, cool tattoo. :)

As always, love your blog.

famousthecat said...

thank you! i think the baby sweater is one of my latest favorite things - the colors were all left over from different projects, and they just looked so good together.