Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a knitting post?! what-WHA?!

yes, indeedy. i've been working on the february lady sweater, which just doesn't lend itself to instant gratification. or maybe i just forgot about the stamina required to knit a full sweater. regardless, i'm a ways along, so i figured it was time to record the current state of affairs.

look at how pretty! i actually went with a more muted color than i'm used to (ahem). of course, it's still purple. knit up in cascades 220 heather in rainier.
080826. february lady sweater in the works.

and i was "commissioned" by thomas to knit up a pot handle cover. i had some noro kureyon leftover, but i wasn't sure how much... turned out it was ALMOST enough, so i doubled to work by doing two separate layers rather than holding two strands together. ah, well. just need to felt these giant wool condoms, no, i mean, pot handle covers up, sew them one inside the other, and voila!
080826. no, really. they're pot handle covers.

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