Sunday, March 30, 2008

thunderstorms and doozy weeks...

this past week was seriously a doozy - i was kind of an emotional roller coaster about a variety of things. the general busy-ness of the week didn't help, and this week won't be any better. i have a business tour tomorrow, then a lecture and fancy dinner with an out-of-town lecturer both wednesday and thursday nights. yikes! between job #1 and job #2, i really haven't had much of a chance to do europe trip planning, but since knitting is my old destressing standby, i *have* been knitting up a storm.

the mrs. darcy cardigan is nearing completion! i've blocked the front and back and finished sleeve numero uno. it's turning out way better than i had expected. before blocking it, i thought the body would be far too small, but now that it's coming together, i think it's going to be just right. score!
080330. the mrs. darcy cardigan is almost done!

i have made some modifications, though not very many. i added a few stitches to each from panel and to each sleeve and made the buttonhole band longer so it's four buttons instead of three. i think i'm going to wear this sweater until it dies. now - just to finish it. here is the last little sleeve.
080330. last little sleeve.

and i took a trip to the local yarn store yesterday. my plan was to buy some lamb's pride to knit up a full-sized version of the arty cardi (see side link). the colors were not all that fabulous, though, and then i saw the screaming, bright, saturated colors of plymouth worsted. i was sold. however, now that i'm knitting it up, i'm wondering if i'll ever wear this thing! i hope the fuschia, which i'll use for the rest of the body, calms things down a bit. i can't begin to imagine what i'll wear this with, other than some dark wash jeans. ah, well, i'm just going to keep plugging away and see how it turns out.

the pattern is heavily modified. if it turns out nicely, maybe i'll post the pattern! i have, at least, been keeping good notes on my changes.

the working title for now is "the bright and shiny grandpa cardigan."
080330. the bright and shiny grandpa cardigan.

yup... the colors are actually brighter in real-life, if you can imagine.
080330. the bright and shiny grandpa cardigan.

and, as mentioned in the subject line, we've had lines of storms moving in all day. these are the rainy, stark trees as viewed out of my car window after running some errands this morning.
080330. rainy trees.

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