Sunday, March 23, 2008

i love my stylish friends...

amelia and susanne had a clothing swap at their house this morning! these are just a few of my many, many finds...

purple ballet wrap sweater from my friend, pauline. i thought i hated the neckline, but i think it drapes in a really interesting way. and the long sleeves are FAB.
080323. purple ballet girl sweater.

like i really need more scarves in my life. oh, but i love it - from becca.
080323. new sweater and lovely scarf.

i think i rocked a sweater almost exactly like this when i was three years old. it reminds me of ernie... and being three. from amelia.
080323. ernie sweater.

look! so cozy!
080323. this sweater reminds me of being three years old.

new (to me) jeans! i think these were from nicole, maybe?
080323. new (to me) jeans.

this skirt is freaking amazing. from becca.
080323. red knit cheerleader skirt!

and this dress is LOVE. from megan. oh, and check out sexy lee adama on the computer screen. BSG, BSG!
080323. black dress.

dress front detail. it ties in the back.
080323. black dress.

a blurry pic of a rad tank. there was a cardigan that matched that megan scooped up - which i was fine with because i think it would have been hideous with so much pattern going on.
080323. psychodelia sweater.

i'm kind of on the fence about this one. from megan.
080323. pink shirt!

i also got a super cute, summery halter dress from heather and an embroidered, super gaudy shirt from courtney. what a nice way to spend the afternoon, trying on clothes in the living room with 8 other girls!

the plan for this afternoon? block the front and back panels of the mrs. darcy cardigan. then knit some more of the first neverending sleeve.

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