Saturday, December 15, 2007

we are all in some way or another going to reseda someday to die...

the first day of real snow has arrived, and i am listening to a song about los angeles. my toes are cold, my hands are cold because my house, well... it's freaking cold. but snow! i almost bit it on my front porch, which really could use some of those grippy duckies you stick on the floor of your bathtub. i opted for salt instead, but it sure doesn't seem to do a whole heck of a lot. maybe i need to stick grippy duckies to the bottoms of my worn out converse. now there's an idea!

i also made a mix cd for someone that i dubbed "the wintry mix." i am so punny! i know - hardy har har.

i've still been knitting some for christmas and birthday presents, but i'm realizing a couple of things are most definitely going to arrive late, so the urgency has passed a bit.

first, my favorite place to be in the world during christmas - the bloomington square. explosions in the air above our heads.
071210. explosions in the air around us.

071210. fireworks.

the buttery side cable mittens are done! voila! i based the general pattern on the warmest mittens pattern and just played it by ear from there.
071209. mmm... buttered popcorn.

shocking, i know!
071209. buttery mittens! all done!

and another modified mit from the same warmest mittens pattern - this time in pine sol green. note that i did, in fact, manage to get the cables to go down the MIDDLE of the mit this time around. so proud! so lucky!
071214. pine mitten!

this was made with debbie mumm's traditions yarn, which i absolutely hated after the buttery mitten debacle of the twisty-turny-untwisty variety. however, this skein was not so awful, for whatever reason. probably because it is, in fact, cheap and chintzy yarn that you simply can't rely on to be awesome OR awful.
071214. pine sol.

and what else have i been doing? well, i baked a metric fuckton of cookies last weekend. oatmeal, pecan, and chocolate chip; ginger snaps; and oh-my-god-yum mexican chocolate chip, which are my new personal favorite.
071209. oatmeal cookie dough.

071209. mexican chocolate cookies.

and my big baby boombox - his favorite cat bed would be me.
071209. the baby.

and the view out my window this morning was something along these lines. look at my poor, lonely, snowy car, all cold and shrouded in snow.
071215. my snowy, lonely car.

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