Monday, December 19, 2011

days #18 and #19: 30 + 1 handknits project...

holy criminy, google+ - thanks so much for the featured post on the handmade community! i swear, this is what social media should be all about - sharing projects with people around the world, learning how to make cyborgs and such, cool articles about people being creative in their own little lives (or in really big ways, too). thanks for taking a look, and check out the google+ handmade community to see some general awesomeness. i hardly fit in with the absolutely fantastic things people are making and sharing, and i love it.

12/18/2011. day #18, Leitmotif Cardigan by Carol Feller, completed august 2010. sunday morning marked the second crossing-of-state-lines for the holiday season - the chicago to des moines leg of the trip. for any knitters out there, this was possibly one of my favorite patterns to knit and, now, wear. what a great sweater. sunday = breakfast with my parents, loading up into the car, driving 5 hours to des moines (fueled by cheese popcorn, beef jerky, and gas station machine coffee), then a big birthday party for chris' younger sister with oodles of kids hanging off of every limb. it's good to be in iowa.
20111218. day #18: Leitmotif Cardigan by Carol Feller

can you tell it was FREEZING yesterday morning in illinois? in half the photos we snapped, my hands were balled up into tight little fists.
20111218. day #18: Leitmotif Cardigan by Carol Feller

12/19/2011. day #19, Alderbrook by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, completed in january 2011. i bought this yarn off of some random online broker, who ships amazing hand-dyed peruvian yarn at a fraction of the cost. i have no idea if it's really kosher or legit, which bothers me a bit... but then i look at some bulky, insane, eye-bleeding creation like this, and i'm just the happiest darned knitter this side of the mississippi.
20111219. day #19: Alderbrook by Cecily Glowik MacDonaldv

oh, and meet dolores the yaris, the vehicle with the most-est when it comes to holiday travel. of course, she doesn't handle well in the snow, but we'll forgive her for that.
20111219. day #19: Alderbrook by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

20111219. day #19: Alderbrook by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

also, my super-talented man-friend, chris, got himself a new lens for christmas. he takes pretty pictures.
20111217. merry christmas!

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