Monday, May 16, 2011

things i like, house edition...

first, though, i want to BE this guy - the KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience: Julie-O.

and who doesn't need a beatboxing chipmunk in their lives? this has not failed to make me laugh yet.

also? our new house!!!
20110513. happy homeowner.

i brought a frozen pizza, prosecco, and strawberries for our first dinner at the house on friday.
20110513. champagne and strawberries.

i love the idea of handing cocktails and what-not through this little window. that's what i'm channeling here, at least.
20110513. "what's the, dear? you want a dirty martini? coming right up!"wner.

chris putting together our lawn mower - a FANTASTIC push mower which i already love and adore!
20110514. building the lawn mower!

pretending to examine our first giant lowe's receipt.
20110514. examining the insanely long first lowe's receipt.

baby robin in the backyard:
20110515. baby robin in the backyard.

my big sunday project: tearing up the turf (in the rain) to plant our ingenious (if i do say so myself) squash trellis area. we planted sunflowers in between, too.
20110515. first bed! squash and sunflowers.

my hair gets curly when doing hard labor in the rain.
20110515. rain and yard work makes my hair curly.

and, for good measure, i finished a new mini-sweater.
20110516. betty minisweater.

knitting is fun.
20110516. betty minisweater.

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