Friday, January 28, 2011

i'm going to jersey, baby!

my very wily friend, carrie, alerted me to this amazingness: all tomorrow's parties festival, curated by portishead. most notably, on monday there will be a solo show by jeff mangum of neutral milk hotel. this is a band i remember very distinctly dancing frenetically (and probably drunkenly) to during my college days. he hasn't played a large, public, live neutral milk hotel set in over a decade. until... NOW.

tickets went on sale this morning at 9 am EST. by about, oh, 9:15 am, the solo show was sold out. and my wily friend and i procured 4 tickets between the two of us! aw, yeah...

"in the aeroplane over the sea."


"my dream girl don't exist."

looks like i'll be heading to new jersey in october! SO EXCITED! i love these types of trips - on a whim, with excellent people.

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