Sunday, October 25, 2009

shameless self-promotion: famous the cat designs LIVES!

this is my totally self-serving way of saying i finally got off my butt and listed some items for sale on my brand new etsy site! so far, i've got four fabulous neck warmers and a bag that i am kind of in love with. take a look if you'd like: i will be adding more soon, i'm sure - i realized just how much extra yarn i actually have right now lying around, and i figure i might as well make a little cash off my knitting addiction. for instance, we have the "living in a coniferous world" neck warmer:
091025. living in a coniferous world neck warmer.

in other news, i went to a sock puppet party on friday night (at which the birthday girl was not at all surprised after her husband gave it away earlier that day), which also involved the making of sock puppets. hey, we have to make our own fun here. this is my dino tube sock, which i adore.
091023. my dino puppet.

my green tights are already pilling because i love them so much.
091023. oh, hi!

i also have gotten a LOT closer to finishing my sister-in-law's christmas sweater (needs to be done by thanksgiving, dammit). i've been fully enjoying fall, mostly because i can't stand the thought of gray... everything for the next 5 months. this was the crazy sky from my office on friday.
091023. sky from my office.

walking through the leaves.
091023. self-portrait day. walking through the leaves.

i love this one - it looks like some weird, smeary oil painting.
091023. leaves in motion. i love this one.

sunshine in leaf form.
091023. sunshine in leaf form.

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