Tuesday, June 16, 2009

serious ugly cardi for the win...

so what if it's june? so what if wool is not precisely the yarn of choice for summer in hot, muggy (and, this year, incredibly pacific northwesty rainy) indiana? so what, i say? keeping with my norm, i just finished an incredible heavy wool sweater - just in time for summer.

when i was in philly, i bought one skein of malabrigo kettle dyed yarn in lettuce. i didn't know what i would do with it, i just loved it - it passed both the ogling test and the petting test by leaps and bounds. i ended up, of course, having to risk buying two extra skeins online and praying the colorway would match up (thankfully and shockingly, it did) and subbing in a bit of a leftover yarn i had in my stash. and you know what? i LOVE it. LOVES it, even. perhaps, i even LURVE it.

this pattern was almost totally from my own head, although i did model it loosely after zephyrstyle's 28thirty sweater.

090613. buttons.

i look like i have to pee in this picture because, well, i did.
090613. serious ugly cardigan, all done.

attempting to show off the super-fancy-neat back decreases.
090613. trying to showcase back decreases?

the neckline, which i love and adore.
090613. neck and buttons.

i had a stellar weekend visit with the parents. we did so much we've never done before! the arts market at the farmers market, textillery outlet, butler winery, dinner at finch's and at falafels... um, what else? oh, brunch at story inn! like i said, stellar. also? my dad not only bought a yaris last week, he got the same exact yaris as mine. yari! like daughter, like father. my dad, his car, me, my car, my house, and my fab tuck vest.
090613. same same. like daughter, like father.


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS sweater! i think i'd be in love too.

famousthecat said...

thank you! i just love the colors, the styling... everything!