Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas = massive success.

oh me, oh my! christmas was a good ol' time. i gave away all my knitted things and they (more or less) fit the gift recipients! hallelujah.

so i bring you a picture-laden post, full of warmth, friends, family, and, of course, knitted objects of various shapes and sizes. a few days before i left, we found this little gem - a snowman throwing gang signs! mitten side, yo!
081220. snowmen throwing gang signs.

the clown nose from halloween (part of my operation game costume) is still in my purse. it comes in handy when waiting for food.
081220. i still have the clown nose from halloween in my purse.

the night before these photos were snapped (a week ago?). this is me and my favorite new person.
081219. me and jon boggs. i love this photo.

and this one is just fab, too.
081219. me and jon boggs and rob ross.

all right already, on to the knitting. well, on to christmas, at least. this is our family tradition: muppets christmas music. "FIVE GOLD RIIIIINGS... ba-dump-bump-bump."
081225. a tradition... the muppets christmas record.

it was quite the snowstorm in chicago on the 23rd. i didn't leave my parents' house a whole heck of a lot. i did, however, watch a good dose of "what not to wear."
081223. my parents' backyard.

my dad in his new sweater and posing with his new golf club covers!
081225. dad's golf club covers!

dad's fab sweater.
081225. dad's sweater!

mom's sweater - i couldn't have been more pleased with this, and she loved it, too. my dad opened his sweater first, and she was like, "but where's MY sweater?!" she got to open hers a few minutes later. :) like i would knit my dad a sweater and not one for mom!
081225. mom's sweater!

my favorite gift of all wasn't really a christmas gift - it was my great-great-aunt's charm bracelet, which my mom bought from the estate for me. it is amazing.
081225. charm bracelet from my great-great-aunt.

and because i cannot resist these shoes (and the temptation to show them off at every chance i get), behold! my new, most awesome shoes, which make me roughly three inches taller than usual!
081227. i bought black and gray shoes.


chicken pickin' said...

these are, without a doubt, the greatest shoes ever! I have no appropriate words.

famousthecat said...

and, somehow, they're incredibly comfortable, too! i know what i'll be wearing on new year's.

Whitney said...

Love your mom's sweater! Nice knittin'. And yeah, love the shoes too. :)