Friday, October 24, 2008

first bit of christmas knitting DONE!

DAD, if you happen to read this blog ever - stop now!

okay, that's the warning. i've been MIA working on this sweater and, at the same time, my mom's christmas sweater, which is also almost done - i'm on sleeve two as we speak. anyway, back to the sweater in question. i kind of love it... but i hope it fits him. like, i REALLY REALLY hope it fits him. the neckhole is a little tight... we'll see, i guess. i just have no idea, and probably won't until he tries it on christmas morning. so it goes.
081024. dude sweater.

he's tall, thus the length in the body and arms.
081024. dude sweater.

i really love this design. it's the elizabeth zimmerman "pattern" for the seamless saddle shoulder pullover, which basically is a recipe for a sweater. you enter all the measurements, gauge, etc., and voila! you have a sweater that (hopefully) fits! i'm definitely planning on stepping it up and making the seamless hybrid for myself one of these days. or a nice yoke sweater with some fancy neck decorations - like little birds. or geometric shapes in a riot of colors. although i could probably use a plain old sweater more than i could a crazy ski sweater, well, knowing me, i'll make the ridiculous ski sweater first.
081024. dude sweater.


cosymakes said...

it's perfect!! i hope it fits him too :)

famousthecat said...

thanks, love! we shall see - if it fits, you'll bet to see more photos from christmas morning!

loliecraft said...

It is just amazing!! He is so lucky to have a daughter who knits him comfy sweaters for Christmas :)