Wednesday, April 23, 2008

would you get back to the knitting already? sheesh.

what with earthquakes and changing jobs and general craziness, i haven't posted much about the crafting aspect of this journal. which is, of course, supposed to be the whole POINT of this thing.

i'm making a top secret housewarming gift for my friend, carrie, who bought her very first house and is closing on it... today? friday? i can't remember. that's horrible. anyway, can't post pics yet, of course, in case she happens upon them. take my word for it, though - the final product will be awesome beyond awesome.

in other crafting news, i have nearly finished the bright and shiny grandpa cardigan. i based it VEEEERY loosely on the anthropologie-inspired capelet (as you can see from the pictures... really quite different end product). maybe i'll post the pattern notes once i get it all done.

look! just a few more inches to go on the arm. huzzah.
080422. almost done! bright and shiny grandpa cardigan.

080422. bright and shiny grandpa cardigan.

and, because i can't resist, here are some other pictures from life lately. this is how my cat, boombox, sleeps on a regular basis. look! it's like two kitties in one! this would be him resting up for his nightly ritual of pawing at my hair, meowing incessantly, and walking across my ribs as i try to sleep. he's lucky he's cute.
080421. the kitty twist.

last friday was my last day in the biology department. i am currently "between jobs," which is really fun to say. unfortunately, it's beautiful outside, and i'm supposed to be putting in tons of hours working on job number 2 stuff from home. yeah... anyway, last wednesday, i went out for lunch with the little work lunch crew one last time as a fellow employee. my friend christian saw me walking to work that morning and has since threatened to break my legs in order to steal my coat.
080416. outside jordan hall - the lunch club.

for some reason, i love this photo. face? weird. hair? looking good! and jeremy and ryan look cute.
080416. last meeting of the lunch club (at least, as a biology employee).

we also went to the rock and roll prom last weekend. i won't overload you with pictures - suffice it to say, they're on my flickr account. we're waiting on the photo booth shots to come back. those are usually far more awesome than i could have ever hoped to shoot myself. prom recap? i danced. i drank beer. we snapped silly pictures. i got all sweaty. i lost my wallet. i also really wanted to hear "double dutch bus." heath was dj'ing, so i ran up and placed my request. he goes, "you mean this?" and holds out the record that he was just about to put on. great minds, lemme tell you.
080419. rock and roll prom!

okay, i totally lied - i'll post one other picture from the prom.
080419. me and thomas.

finally, i purchased the last of my europe trip stuff. overnight train tickets! a new pack! a rain jacket! a plug adapter! a little wallet!
080419. barcelona to paris!

i also decided i needed to start training for my crazy european walking tour. i plan on walking everywhere while i'm there. however, i've been really lazy about staying in shape for the past, oh, six months or so. since last week, i've been walking 3-5 miles a day. today i accidentally went 6 miles! i'm not too proud to admit that i'm tired. walking affords such a clear idea of what's going on in the world around you, though, such as the realization that things are finally, suddenly turning green.
080419. green fireworks.

also? today i had the most gigantic wasp/hornet/scary looking, flying, buzzing thing in my apartment. they're getting in somehow, i just have no idea how. i took out my vacuum, nearly hyperventilated a few times, and finally managed to vacuum it up. i also killed a gynormous spider last night. wanna know my method for killing spiders? they psych me out so much that i pretty much have to mutilate and totally incapacitate them before my hand gets anywhere close. so i sprayed him with hairspray first. i am a huge baby when it comes to large insects. and oh, man, was that bugger ever fast!

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