Sunday, January 6, 2008

taking stock and some FOs...

i have so much yarn. seriously, you guys, it's getting kind of ridiculous. if yarn were water and i were stranded at sea, i would be struggling to keep from drowning. so my goal is to take stock and begin slogging through some of my desired projects with the yarn i already have. a revolutionary thought, no? to do this, i simply cannot set foot in any yarn-selling locale. sounds simple enough, right? hmmm... we'll see how i fare with that. i might actually post some of my finished objects for sale, too, since all my friends and i and my family already have all the hand-knitted goods they need for a while.

is there such a thing as having as many handknitted objects as one could need? i mean, really.

so anyway... i thought i'd actually post some of what i've been finishing lately. i still need to finish jes' birthday present, which was december 22. i am a horrible friend! it would be perfect for the cooler temps they're getting out there right now (it's hard to knit for a gal who lives in san diego). maybe i'll try to finish it today? maybe?

anyway, on to the photos. here's my big, cozy, cable-y scarf, modified slightly from the sharfik pattern. thomas bought me this yarn for christmas from yarns unlimited, and it's tweedy and warm and simply lovely. he had an interesting time at the yarn store - his first attempt ever at buying yarn was not too pleasant, apparently. i have a bit of both colors leftover... mittens, perhaps? something else entirely? i'm not sure yet, but something good will be made with the (substantial) scraps.
071231. sharfik, all done.

me looking kind of pale in said scarf.
071231. scarfy.

my version of the bold and bulky mini cardi - i give you... orangina! knit up with lion brand bulky in butterscotch and citron. this was the fastest knit ever - i finished the body in about a day over christmas, lying sick on my parents' couch. the buttonhole area is kind of wonky, but whatevs.
080103. lalala.

the devil is in the details.
080103. oranges and lemons.

and one of my presents for christmas was three skeins of noro kureyon, colorway 166. noro = love, lemme tell you (as if you didn't already know). this is my personal fave as of late: the branching out scarf. so pretty!
080106. branching out dreams scarf con bedhead.

me being silly. yes, that would be bedhead.
080106. whadja talkin bout, willis?

can i reiterate for a moment... SO SO pretty!
080106. branching out dreams scarf, blocking.

i've also picked back up rusted root, and it is taking me FOR-EVAH. it'll be one of those long-term, go-back-to-when-i'm-bored-with-other-unfinished-objects object. it's going to be awesome - if it fits. i'm going to be very sad (though not surprised) if it doesn't. i have patience problems, namely in the form of gauge checking problems. it LOOKS like it's pretty right on so far, but the sleeves are, so far, disturbingly full. if worse comes to worse, i guess it can get gifted.

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