Tuesday, January 29, 2008

50-degree difference...

or something close to that - we just had the most massive storm blow through. amazing! i am fascinated by the weather. natural disasters. etc. etc.

first, a quick list of things that i did today:
- i sweared at my computer today. i think it was along the lines of, "oh, shut the f*ck up already!"
- i applied for a job in anchorage, alaska. it scares me because, unlike other jobs i have applied to that seemed like a definite longshot due to a variety of reasons, i think i actually have a chance at this one. anchorage? do i want that? i have no clue, to tell you the truth.
- i ogled all sorts of cheap, plastic, adorable things that i WANT WANT WANT at target. i am a sucker for cheap, cute, plastic things.
- i also searched for a lite brite on ebay. not as easy to find as i had hoped.

okay, on to the knitting already. first off, i started the threepenny sweater from interweave knits, fall 2007 (on page 11 of the e-preview in the link). i am so in love with the fabric being produced by this pattern - seriously, it is amazing, and i can't wait until it is in full-sweater form. pictures soon, no doubt. i'm knitting it up in patons classic wool in a bright olive green. i can't stop knitting it simply because i cannot WAIT until i get to wear it! now that's my kind of pattern.

next, i pulled out a very old knitting book my grandmother had given me years ago. it is chock full of how to make just about any pattern, cable, stitch, fabric you could dream of. i decided to use up some noro i had leftover from my mittens and test my hand at a horseshoe cable. voila! we have yet another luscious, lovely scarflette.
080128. horseshoe cable scarflette.

080128. horseshoe cable scarflette.

i also finished a camo sweater for my boss' 21-year old son. timothy derek is expected in may, and i'm hoping it will still fit him by the time the fall comes around! we shall see. i figured since dad is on the younger side, it would be a perfect stash-busting project to use up this camo yarn i got but couldn't figure out what the hell to do with. or something... was that even a sentence? blame it on the rain. yeah, yeah.
080121. camo baby sweater.

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